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Our Process

There are three primary processes involved in how Interactive Audio Visual will work with you. First is in the Sales & Design Process. Second is the Integration Process. Thirdly there is the Maintenance and Support Process.

Sales & Design Process

A sales professional will meet with you, discuss and define your needs and expectations. Based on this discovery session, we can propose budgetary requirements and illustrate how the proposal addresses the defined needs and expectations.

Should your project involve more extensive design, your sales professional will coordinate a “team” meeting with your project stakeholders as well as our design specialists, perform a needs analysis, and then define a timeline to submit a proposal. During this part of the process we will document your needs, expectations, your processes, and timeline requirements and the like. Upon acceptance of our proposal, the process moves to acquisition and subsequently to the Installations phases.

Installations Process

Much of the preliminary work is defined during the sales process, however once the acquisition phase is initiated our installations team will coordinate with your team stakeholders, review site conditions, construction + infrastructure and related timelines, and begin defining the integration schedules with you.

This phase of a project will include several “milestones” or deliverables and activities based against a time line. A timeline interdependent with several other project stakeholders. For example, installation of cabling, electrical, HVAC, furniture, networking and so forth. IAV allocates a dedicated “Project Manager” for each project. He/She will liase with your dedicated project manager and work in a constructive and proactive manner to ensure the project roll-out achieves mutual success.

Upon completion of the installation, Interactive AV will provide full project commissioning (with your involvement), full “As-Built” documentation and client training. Subsequent to final commissioning of your solution we then move this project to the third phase which is Maintenance and Support.

Maintenance and Support

IAV recognizes you have invested significantly in a solution intended to meet your specific needs and expectations. Like anything, such a solution requires periodic maintenance to ensure it continues to meet the operational and performance demands set out in the Sales and Design phase. Our service department can provide optional preventative maintenance services. The service department will coordinate with your designate(s) regular maintenance calls. Each client and application is unique. As such we work directly with you to define your maintenance needs and schedule, and monitor system operations on an on-going basis. Following each maintenance session we provide a detailed report of what was done, what should be monitored, and so forth. In this way, we work together with you proactively to ensure your investment continues to deliver an excellent return on investment and meets your needs and expectations as time moves forward.

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