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Managed Services

The need to be able to collaborate quickly and easily with remote participants connecting from virtually any device or location is more important to your enterprises success than ever before. It is also important that these capabilities can be scalable on demand. Now they can be with Interactive Audio Visual.

We will help you connect with audio, video and web conferencing services for a modest monthly fee. Pay for what you need now. As needs expand, so to can these capabilities. Connect virtually ANY device with any other device. Meetings can be pre-scheduled and sent by email or ad-hoc connections.

Managed Services Include:

Hardware as a Service (HWaaS)

Always be up to date with technology. Control your capital expenses with this managed service. Simple Huddle Spaces to full scale boardroom implementations.

Collaboration Systems as a Service (CaaS)

Interactive Collaborative environments made simple. A suite of solutions are available to simplify and standardize your collaboration spaces to meet your enterprise needs.

Remote Monitoring and Reporting

This service provides two very important things. Firstly, it makes your life easier to support your investment. Remote monitoring enables your system to communicate with your support team and ours if something is not operating optimally. Therefore response can be expedited, and uptime can be better maintained.

Secondly, it assists you with determining how your funds are being allocated, and helps you budget for the future. Systems deployed can be remotely monitored and you can receive reports detailing many useful metrics (ie. Uptime, which rooms are used, which aspects of the room are used the most, how often and for how long, and more). The results of these reports proves very useful over time and can help you save money in the future. Call Interactive Audio Visual to learn more about how we can help you.

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