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Systems Design and Specification

Utilizing a consultative approach we meet with you and other client stakeholders, perform a needs assessment, initial facilities review, and define operational and performance expectations. Once this is completed, we build, depending on your acquisition methodology, either a budgetary or clearly defined proposal for submission. Upon submission to you we demonstrate how we have addressed your various needs and expectations. If the expected submission is budgetary only, we provide an overview of the solution and of the required financial commitment to meet it – not a detailed price breakdown.

Such proposals can define systemic architecture, product(s) as well as operational and/or performance specifications, and can also provide optional lifecycle management budgets.


IAV can also just serve as a consultant on your project. In this service the earlier process is the same as above, but the deliverable would be a conceptual design along with a product specification incorporating the operational and performance requirements necessary to meet your needs and expectations. The resulting deliverable is a document which you may use later in an RFP for the final solution.

Preventative Maintenance and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Your integrated solution is like any major life investment in that it needs to be maintained. Interactive Audio Visual will work with you to define the type and level of service support that best suits your particular needs. Optional support agreements define what is to be done during each support visit, what frequency and response time will occur, and what level and format of reporting is needed. Finally we also define contact personnel, site access details, security considerations and so forth.

Different types of support agreements exist. All are optional.

We have three main forms of support agreements:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency Response
  • Service Level Agreements

For more information about our preventative maintenance and service level agreements please contact

Managed Services

“Coming soon”

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