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Preventative Maintenance & Service Level Agreements (SLA&’s)

Your integrated solution is like any major life investment in that it needs to be maintained. Interactive Audio Visual will work with you to define the type and level of service support that best suits your particular needs. Optional support agreements define what is to be done during each support visit, what frequency and response time will occur, and what level and format of reporting is needed. Finally we also define contact personnel, site access details, security considerations and so forth.

Different types of support agreements exist. All are optional.

The most common is Preventative Maintenance. This is a pre-scheduled service visit(s) intended to review on-site components to ensure they continue to operate as originally intended. This level of service includes cleaning of projectors and other components, repairing cables, wall plate connections, adjust display technologies and that sort of thing. Operational metrics are recorded (ie. projector lamp hrs.) and incorporated into service visit reports which are submitted to the client designate. Frequency of such visits is negotiated and based on client expectations.

Emergency Response is our next form of optional support. Although not as common, we do have the ability to provide on-demand response in some situations.

A third type of optional support agreement is known as a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Service Level Agreements are negotiated individually with the client and each defines several parameters, such as (not limited to) response to initial call guidelines, time to being on-site, definition of diagnostics and recommendation to resolve, reporting methods and formats, security clearance and access parameters, and so forth. SLA’s can also define under some circumstances a problem-to-resolution parameter as well. When such is defined we identify required ‘spares kit components’ and other such requirements in order to address and mitigate down time, as well as to incorporate Lifecycle Management factors. Most SLA’s are based on access to technician resources during regular business hours.

Additionally, optional SLA’s can also define higher levels of access to technicians up to on a 24/7/365 basis, direct cell phone access for on-call technician, pager access and other such negotiated parameters. All SLA’s are custom and individually tailored to your needs.

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