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Large Format and Interactive Displays

Displays come in a wide array of sizes, styles and underlying technologies. They are used to ease the visualization of your pertinent information, in a manner which meets operational requirements.

Solutions may include one or more forms of display as well. Depending on requirements, it could be a single flat panel monitor, an array of monitors like a video wall, or a combination of multiple types of displays throughout a room, across a campus or around the world

Audio Conferencing Systems

Audio Conferencing is a specialty of the audio segment. It enables individuals and groups of people to interact with each other regardless of global location. IAV has extensive experience with audio conferencing applications.

Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Simultaneous Interpretation allows a group of people to be easily heard throughout a room, while their words are instantly translated from one language to another. This is often necessary to improve comprehension of what someone is saying and usually in a language not native to you. This is a very constructive and powerful tool for your meeting space(s). Systems can be permanently installed or set-up where and when you require them.

Signal Management

The equipment from within this category are often “unseen” by end users, but are crucial to deploying a functional solution.

In order to display your computer image, in room cable TV box, DVD player or any other image/video/audio source, we need signal management devices. They access the source device, and make it accessible how, when and where you need it. Sometimes a single device meets your requirements, and sometimes it is an array of devices creating an overall “system” which is needed to achieve your expectations.

We work with technologies for both analog and digital signals, as well as for copper, fiber optic or wireless transmission/reception of your source signals.

Digital Signage

The crux of this category is our ability to take your content and make it available to one or many screens, on a pre-scheduled basis or on demand. Further we can leverage networking technologies to make this content accessible at your desktop, in a meeting or boardroom, or even on your smartphone or tablet.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) is a methodology to distribute multiple “channels” of content simultaneously across an internal computer network you control. Envision your organization wanting to distribute different streams training information, multiple internal presentations, publicly accessible or private television channels and the like. We can provide this capability with IPTV.

Furniture and Racks

Installed projects incorporate a great many items, not least of which include the furniture, equipment racks and related accessories which add the finishing touches to your boardroom or meeting and presentation space. You may see it as the lectern presenter’s stand at or credenza’s within your room. All of these items are necessary to fit the decor of your environment and meet the functional demands of the space. Many of these components are also there to protect your investment … such as power conditioners and UPS’s, thermal management for equipment racks and the like.

Interactive Audio Visual will provide “off-the-shelf” products where such can meet your needs and be cost effective. We can also work with you directly to custom design or modify furniture to fit your specific needs.

Video Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing comes in many different form factors from dedicated highly immersive environments known as Telepresence Suites all the way to videoconferencing on a mobile device like a cell phone or wireless tablet.

Video Conferencing is about bringing individuals and groups together easily, quickly and provide a platform empowering effective communications.

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