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Audio Conferencing – Simultaneous Interpretation

Audio is a very broad category and encompasses a vast array of applications.

IAV provides solutions for personal voice reinforcement, tour guides, all the way up to audio for large sporting arena’s and live production venues and everything in between.

Audio Conferencing is a specialty of the audio segment and enables individuals and groups of people to interactive with each other between rooms in the same building or across the globe. IAV has extensive experience with audio conferencing applications.

Simultaneous Interpretation allows a group of people to be easily heard throughout a room (and further) plus also be able to have what they say interpreted from one language to another simultaneously. This is often necessary to improve comprehension of what someone is saying and usually in a language not native to you. So if you are in a room which has someone speaking English which is not your native language, you can now listen to an interpreter in your language simultaneously. This is a very constructive and powerful tool for your meeting space(s). Systems can be permanently installed or set-up where and when you require them.

The list of manufacturers seen below relate to companies Interactive AV can provide within this category of Audio, Audio Conferencing, Simultaneous Interpretation.

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