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Large Format Display – Interactive Display

Displays today come is an incredibly wide array of sizes, styles and underlying technologies. They are used to make it easier for you to be able to visualize your pertinent information and in a manner which meets operational requirements.

Depending on your requirement, a provided solution may include one or more forms of display as well. It could be a single flat panel monitor, an array of monitors like a video wall, or a combination of multiple types of displays throughout a room, across a campus or around the world.

Interactive Audio Visual works with you to determine what best meets your situation.

Applications we can assist with include displays for your classroom, meeting or board room, auditorium, performance theatre, operating theatre, live and mobile productions for indoor or outdoor events, road side pylons, sporting facilities, displaying imagery across the entire side of a building and more.

Some systems also enable interaction with the content. Being able to resize windows on the display interactively, dual or multi-touch enabled devices can be offered where appropriate. Interactive Electronic Whiteboards are extensively used within classroom, meeting and boardrooms and other such situations.

The list of manufacturers seen below relate to companies Interactive Audio Visual can provide within this category of Large Format Displays and Interactive Displays.

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