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Signal Management – Systems Control

The equipment from within this category are often “unseen” by end users, but are crucial to being able to deploy a functional solution.

In order for us to be able to display your computer, in room cable TV box, DVD player or any other source, we need these “signal management” devices. They help us to access the source device, and make it accessible how, when and where you need it. Sometimes a single device meets your requirements, and sometimes it is an array of devices creating an overall “system” which is needed to achieve your expectations.

We work with technologies for both analog and digital signals, as well as for copper, fiber optic or wireless transmission/reception of your source signals.

Systems control is used to make operations and maintenance of your “system” easier and more reliable.

Today we also leverage this technology to make end user support much more immediate, effective and efficient. It can also be leveraged to reduce your carbon footprint and be “Green”.

The list of manufacturers seen below relate to companies Interactive Audio Visual can provide within this category of Signal Management, Systems Control.

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