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Covid Solutions

Covid pandemic has impacted every aspect of the business workplace globally. Be it finding ways to separate people from those seated adjacent, adapting the Open Plan Office space to preparing for the return to the office workplace. Interactive Audio Visual has multiple solutions to help you on this journey. 

Worksurface & Workspace Separators

If you can envision it, we can make it happen. STAY SAFE Desktop see-through social distancing barriers for most any space, which are hinged. Available in 3, 4 or 5 panels. Excellent add-on for Huddle Space workspaces too.  Can be easily cleaned with common cleaning products. These should be used in conjunction with other Covid protocols to prevent the spread of airborne particles. Optional feet allow you to lift the shield off the surface of the desk or counter. Free standing separator panels provide isolation between two (or more) workspaces. 

DraperPart NumberDescriptionWeight (lbs)Price
Clarity Shield 3CS 322”x22” Center panel, two 22”x22” side panels8$325.00
Clarity Shield 4CS 4Four 22”x22” panels10$425.00
Clarity Shield 5CS 5Four 22”x22” panels, 22”x22” centre panel12$535.00
Clarity Shield XLCSXLStructure 72.5”h x 30”w, Panel 52”hx30”w15$449.00
Table Top Feet (4)CS Feet 4Feet pack includes four (4) feet1$78.50

Entrance Scanning

There are several manners in which to protect ourselves and our co-workers from spreading COVID throughout the workplace. Physical space separators as indicated earlier, wearing of 3-ply face masks, and other protective measures. No one method alone should be considered sufficient. It takes multiple. Interactive Audio Visual can help. 

Entrance-Way temperature screening solutions is one of the additional methods which can contributes to success.  


Floor Standing Screening Kiosks

The ability to quickly monitor an individuals temperature as they entering your workplace contributes to better screening, and reducing anxiety of others also in the same space.  Our interactive Covid Screening Kiosks provide clear screening Indication that someone is not running a fever and clearly indicates it is safe to proceed (in deg-F or deg-C, and can be       bilingual). 

When the unit is not actively scanning someone it can revert to a digital signage mode, thereby promoting your  organization and branding.  Once someone approaches, it automatically performs the scan in seconds. 

Various models of kiosk can also offer dispensers for face masks, gloves and sanitizer.

Peerless AVDescriptionPrice
THR-500Fast, Non-Touch Thermal Sensing KIOSK System with 4-ft range: FLIR FDA approved sensors for accurate temperature readings whether wearing a mask or not; Visual instructions and alarm notifi-cations; Content is customizable for digital signage and wayfinding applications, in addition to temperature sensing; Integrated with a refillable touch-free antibacterial foam dispenser, as well as rectan-gular boxes for disposable gloves and facial tissues; for up to 32” display (Display not included)$3,325.00 ea
THR-400Fast, Non-Touch Thermal Sensing KIOSK System with 3-ft range: FLIR FDA approved sensors for accurate temperature readings whether wearing a mask or not; Visual instructions and alarm notifi-cations; Content is customizable for digital signage and wayfinding applications, in addition to temperature sensing; Integrated with a refillable touch-free antibacterial foam dispenser, as well as rectan-gular boxes for disposable gloves and facial tissues; with 21.5” digital signage tablet—portrait. MOQ 50 Silver$5,695.00 ea
THR-100 CounterTHR-100-Counter Tabletop Mount for 8” Temperature Sensing Tab-lets. Note: Tablet not included. MOQ 100$165.00 ea
THR-200-StandTHR-200-Stand Floor Stand Solution for 8” Temperature Sensing Tab-let. Note: Tablet not included. MOQ 100$379.00 ea

Temperature Screening & More

TAURI temperature screening solutions can operate standalone, plus certain models can also integrate with 3rd part RFID readers, link to building access control systems, as well as 3rd party enterprise access databases.  TAURI offers a complete line-up of models and mounting accessories. 

Models include 7-inch tablet format, 10.1 inch monitor, 15.6 inch and 21.5 inch monitor formats, each with integrated cameras and sensors.

Tauri ModelDescriptionPrice
Tauri-77 inch portrait tablet with dual camera’s for temperature and facial recognition. Can interact with 3rd party security access$2,485.00
Tauri-10.1Define temperature range for alert; Adjust volume of alert sound; Multi Language support; Calibration Customize tem-perature result message; High temperature email notifications; Optional facial recognition Access control via relay; Display signage Print results of scan (optional); other customizations;$2,365.00
Tauri-15.615.6 inch (16:9) display version of above$2,655.00
Tauri-21.521.5 inch (16:9) display version of above$2,788.00

ViraLERT-3 from LAND-Ametek is a premium COVID temperature screening solution. What makes it different is that in addition to it’s high resolution camera, it also incorporates a known calibration device as part of it’s assembly thereby ensuring the most accurate temperature sensing compared with most solutions on the market.  Fast, Easy, Safe and Accurate! 

Perfect for Offices, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare/Doctor’s Offices, and Transportation Hubs.

Viralert-3 SystemVIRALERT 3 System exc. PC/Tablet; High accuracy temperature screening with thermal & visual detectors integrated w/Blackbody (calibration device) on single plaform. System includes: Integrated thermal & visual detectors, Blackbody reference source, connecting cables, (PC/Laptop not included but required, provided by others). Also includes tripod for system to be mounted on flat surface.$5,275.00


It is important to also understand how many people are physically within a given space, how and where they are moving, where they sit and several other details of how they are accommodated within a given space. Also important is the ability to plan for their arrivals, be able to monitor and report on this information as well. Knowing that the air within your work environment is optimal promotes improved health of workers, reduces fatigue and employee anxiety.  Wellbeing and workers trust are now paramount.  

Leveraging tools in this manner can help reduce to spread of contagions—like Covid 19—as well as providing precise contact tracing reporting. This is where SPACETI comes into play. Spaceti are space management specialists providing a comprehensive enterprise wide platform for scheduling, monitoring and reporting. 

Spaceti offers a combination of physical data network deployed sensors of various types, which then communicate with server-based software. Sensors collect many types of data, and software analyses and reports on the results all in real time. 

This singular platform can help by having a employee pre-schedule where they will park, when they enter the workplace, how they navigate the office environment, which desk(s) they schedule and work at, as well as any meeting room(s) they may reserve throughout their workday. Utilizing occupancy and environmental sensors will also let you know that the area’s the person works within are available or unavailable, have sufficient social distancing, or if the air quality within that space is at an optimal temperature of if CO2 levels are appropriate. If they are not, then workers may feel fatigued, are less attentive and productive. 

All this information is relayed back to your centralized server and software platform (on premise or cloud based), and provides real time analytics and reports. Spaceti platform can be configured to provide proactive notifications as well so that if a particular measurement threshold is not optimal, then appropriate organization authorities like facilities teams or other managers are immediately notified. 

Sensors are either wired or wireless network connected. They are also attractive and unobstrusive. 

Today’s work environment must meet not only the functional demands of a space but also the health and wellness of all those who use the space. It is now mandatory that organizational management acquires all relevant information to support everyone who leverages a space—be it for organizational or regulatory needs.  

Call Interactive Audio Visual to learn more about Spaceti solutions, and how they can improve your workplace and keep it safe from Covid-19.

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