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Workplace Treatments

Your office is an environment. Blending the workplace design with other aspects to make it both enjoyable and functional as a place to meet, collaborate and communicate, is not always easy. Interactive Audio Visual can help.

Open Plan spaces have become common, yet room acoustics are not always conducive to effective noise handling or for team conversations. Strategic positioning of acoustic handling materials can dramatically improve this situation.

Room lighting and window shading to manage natural light from outdoors entering into our workplace will contribute to wellness. They matter. Blend both seamlessly and automate them for time of day to match circadian rhythms, as well as to control impact on heating and ventilation systems.

Cable management is a safety concern as well as functional. Hide all your power, data networking as well as AV technology cabling to prevent tripping or electrical hazards. Easy to do and blends so you do not know it is there.

Room Acoustics

Adding acoustic handling materials to your entire office or meeting space helps to reduce surrounding noises, focus attention and reduces distractions thereby mitigates fatigue. Ensure your work area sounds and feels natural and not noisy. Acoustic treatments can be an architectural element of your décor and can be visually impactful. Ceiling, floors, walls including glass walls, can all benefit and improve comfort within the workspace.

Acoustically treating a workspace is not just about the sound itself. It is more about comfort and wellness of those working in those area’s, thereby reducing fatigue and improving productivity and more importantly leading to a happier more engaged worker.

So much of our communications are with those on the end of an audio or video call. Improving the acoustics within your meeting spaces is inexpensive but contributes significantly to how others perceive you. Simple wall panels, as seen here, contribute greatly a positive user experience.

Call us to discuss the MANY options available.

Room Lighting

No longer a nice-to-have, but crucially a MUST have. Fully tunable lighting is now available which can have a dramatic impact on your space and the effect it has on visitors and team members. Lighting can now be adaptable and aid in your wellbeing. It can emulate natural light thereby reducing fatigue, it can automatically adjust to match circadian rhythms wherever your office is located. At the push of a button it can adapt to provide an entirely different look and feel, and in some situations for dramatic effect of just for fun!!

ANY space can be impacted and benefit from this new fully tunable LED lighting. Open plan spaces, office spaces, meeting rooms, public gathering area’s. Indoors and outdoors.

Window Shading

Window Shading is one way in which to control natural light in an office environment. Along with sensors, as a room gets too warm or if the room is not sufficiently bright the shades can automatically drop or raise to meet the need. Sensors also contribute to energy efficiency. New surfaces allow you to see out of the room yet maintain privacy and avoid others look-ing in. Shades can be manually controlled or electric and even automated. Specific materials also provide noise dampening to improve room acoustics!

As you can see these new materials allow you to print graphics on the surfaces for branding and other advertising. Printing visual information can be on either side — inwards facing or outside facing.

Cable Management

Cables of all sorts are everywhere. Power extension cords, AV cables, computer cables are everywhere. They need to be managed to ensure a safe workplace. They can and should be hidden to avoid electrical shock, tripping or other hazards. Interactive Audio Visual has several over-floor raceways, in-floor, under floor, in-wall and on-wall solutions. These protect your cabling infrastructure while at the same time ensure Accessibility and safety for the work area. Numerous power & signal connectivity boxes allow you to position access where it is needed without distracting from the look and feel of the office environment. Well concealed cabling also leads to higher reliability.

Protect your under table cable connections from damage by being kicked !

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