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Digital Signage

Digital signs are now everywhere! They are used to convey advertising in retail environments, as well as corporate branding, corporate communications messaging, cafeteria menu boards plus wayfinding. During COVID-19 pandemic they are also used to instruct you on proper procedures within your facility, involved in temperature screenings, as well as guide you through the area. Digital signs can be wall mounted, suspended from ceiling, floor mounted in kiosks, as well as being larger scale videowalls to name a few. 

Digital signage has evolved drastically over the last several years. It typically includes a larger format display up to 4K resolution, along with a media player which is connected to your organization network/internet. Media player(s) communicate with a central server for updates, and to control schedules. Content can be stored locally, on a central server &/or in the cloud. Additionally, it is common to mount displays within protective kiosks to avoid theft or damage. Digital signs can be indoor &/or outdoor, plus can even be installed on the side of a building using direct-view LED technology — think NYC’s Time Square.  

Wayfinding is an aspect of digital signage. By including graphics of your building floor plan and making the display touch enabled you can help guide visitors through your space to the proper desk or area. Wayfinding can also use QR codes to push to your personal mobile device thereby reducing Covid transmission from touching public devices. Use your personal device and stay safe! 

Signage solutions can be a single display or literally several thousand displays. All with their own playlists and schedules, conveying static images, video, news and weather, RSS ticker feeds and much much more. Interactive Audio Visual can help you create your unique digital signage platform. 

Here we see corporate communications messaging with live video news channels, organization website updates, weather, all on an interactive touch enabled videowall in a high traffic public space. 

These picture depicts corporate messaging at Algonquin College. Visible within public spaces, and updated on very regular intervals. This information can be visible anywhere they wish across any or all campus locations &/or on-demand. 

It is easy to make any display or group of displays show whatever you wish. Content can change based on time of day, motion of people near display(s), as well as a broad range of definable conditions. All schedules can be pre-loaded to the players which then run with or without active network/internet connections.  You can segment groups of displays or even portions of what are on any display thereby conveying multiple messages per display, and have exceptionally granular control of what is presented. 

Systemic monitoring is also possible to ensure your messages have in fact been shown, know which displays and media players are active or having issues. Many models of media player can also physically control the display based on defined schedules, for example to turn displays on or off at certain times of day.  And SO MUCH MORE ….

Videowalls are an incredibly impactful way to convey information. 

Interactive Audio Visual offers exceptional Videowall Solutions.

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