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Technical Furniture

Technical & Office Furniture

Technical and Office furniture encompasses a wide selection of choices. Meeting room tables with embedded cabling, power and AV signal management, to credenza’s, lecterns, motorized height adjustable worksurfaces, Huddle Tables, as well as mobile carts and stands. 

Accessories for each are also incorporated within this category. Such as monitor mounting arms, Wireless Collaboration/Sharing appliances, as well as power and thermal management. 

When assembled these create a complete worksurface solution. 

Meeting Tables

Meeting tables are available in a multitude of colours and finishes which can match your décor. Various sizes from single or two-person to 30 persons. Each can incorporate predetermined cut-outs for AC power, USB power, data and AV cabling. Hidden under yet within the table we can provide a clean and attractive area for audio-visual and computer networking technology. Meeting tables can be pre-fabricated or can also be entirely custom designed and built locally to your personal specifications. You realize a beautiful, tidy and highly functional meeting space. 

Many tables can also have changeable ‘skins’ which will allow you to change the colour and finishes at a later date to match a new room décor. The table superstructure remains. Very cost efficient over time, and extends the usable life of your investment. 

Huddle Spaces

Huddle Spaces have become one of the most common meeting spaces for most every organization. They are immensely practical and space efficient. Supporting groups from 2 to 18 people, they provide all the common meeting and team collaboration capabilities at your fingertips. Be that wireless collaboration and content sharing to full video chat conferencing.

These are a perfect way in which to standardize your look and feel throughout your office. Ensuring consistency for meetings and presentations to get started quickly and be productive, all at the push of a button.  

Single or dual monitors can be supported in different sizes, plus handle video enabled soundbars as well. All managed by a table top easy to use control interface.  Colour and finishes can be matched to décor, but changed in future as needed. 

Many accessories can be added for AV and computer connectivity, USB and wireless Smartphone charging, AC power outlets, and much more.  

(Note:  See also section on COVID and COVID Screening solutions Worksurface Separators)


Over the last several years credenza designs have evolved significantly. They have many profiles, changeable “skins” to match any décor—now or changed in future, plus have substantial internal storage for AV and computer networking technology management. Equally important to technology management is the power protection of your technology plus the crucial built-in heat management which is by design. Credenza’s can also support multiple monitors & video camera’s and more ….

Structures can be mobile, standalone or low profile and affixed to your wall which enables touch interaction of your displays. 

Your credenza is a centerpiece of your meeting space. It keeps your meeting room clean, tidy and attractive. 


Highly customizable, today’s modern lecterns embed not just a worksurface for papers and laptop, but also space for technology. They can be standalone or motorized height adjustable to accommodate wheelchair access. Colour and finishes can match to most every décor. Custom Logo panels can also be added or engraved. 

A myriad of accessories can be provided be they microphones, cut-outs for AV and network cabling connectivity, task lights, AV control touch panels, monitors and monitor arms and much more. We can accommodate most any requirement. 


Height Adjustable Worksurfaces & Specialty 24/7 Operations Centre Furniture:

Today’s fast paced work environment requires at times that teams of people work collaboratively and for extended periods of time. Up to and including 24/7/365. Worksurfaces need to be standalone or interconnected with adjacent team members. All cabling needs to be managed including separated for security purposes. Space for technology management is also important. Many workstations also need to be electronically height adjustable. 

Colours and finishes need to match the sculpted décor of your environment. Worksurfaces must also be electrically height   adjustable and highly reliable. MANY options exist, including (not limited to) single, dual or multiple monitor mounting, hidden monitors, keyboard/mouse shelves, and much more.  


Carts, Stands & Wall Mounts

A broad range of mobile carts and static stands are available to meet many different needs and requirements. Supporting single and dual monitors or even videowalls, these can allow you to position whatever visual information you need and wherever you need it. 

Several models are powered to provide motorized height adjustability at the push of a button.  We can support up to a 98-inch monitor in size. Many accessories can be incorporated such as camera’s, accessory shelves, video soundbars, wheels and more.  

Motorized Wall Mounts for large format monitors enable users of different heights or in wheelchairs to easily and quickly present and interact with their presentation content on the display. Monitors installed position remains low profile to accommodate Accessibility requirements (AODA). 

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